Our Team The Alphas

Our master craftsmen/women pit their skills to the test every single time we work on a new project. Every experience is always a brand new feeling. We want to ensure websites that looks beautiful, loads fast and are easily maintainable!

Our Master Craftsmen & Women

Founder/Principal Consultant 

Armed with a decade of experience, he has helped multiple SMEs digitalize and enhanced their digital resilience!

Web Developer/Ux Designer

She is a full stacked developer, graphic designer, cat lover and loves the smell of coffee

Web Developer

He is a full stacked developer that does alot of heavy lifting for the company. He literally helped to lift a copier up a flight of stairs. ALONE.

Ux Designer

A very polite, peace loving lady. Her greatest feat is being able to multitask between feeding her kids, skyping our partners and coordinating with our client at the same time.

Web Developer/Project Manager

The big guy with the big guns. He is meticulous and gets along well with everyone! Our clients love him!

Hui Wen
Office Manager/Administrator

The Mother of the company, the one who knows it all. She handles the payroll, finance and the replenishment of our pantry!